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Video security technology represents an efficient, cost-effective way to protect your business. At JSB Surveillance, we design, install and support Security Camera systems that keep your Minnesota-based property safe.  We provide custom designed video camera systems that can be easily monitored 24/7/365 via our free iOS and Android-compatible app.

Video Security Benefits

Whether you need to protect a small business or a corporate facility, having a professionally installed video security system provides important benefits, including:

Peace of mind that your people and property are protected

Ability to view live or recorded video from anywhere, anytime

Instant alerts for events like motion, line crossing, object removed and more

Uncompromising Performance

JSB Surveillance’s proven video security equipment has the highest-quality components and the latest chipset technologies to deliver ultra-high resolution, crisp video images in any kind of lighting conditions. Our cutting-edge video surveillance systems are engineered to deliver the most user-friendly experience possible, from installation to operation. Our security camera systems offer:

Multi-megapixel resolution

Smart features

Video analytics

Remote centralized management

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Solution

Our experts can guide you through all of your camera and recorder options to help customize a video security solution that delivers superior performance and reliability, at a price point that fits your budget:

Platform – Is HD-Analog or networked IP the best technology for you?

Resolution – How much forensic detail do you require?

Camera Form Factor – Bullet, dome, turret, fisheye, panoramic, covert or PTZ?

Infrared (IR) Capability – How far do you need to see at night?

Field of View – How wide an area do you need to cover?

Current JSB Surveillance Security Camera Customers include:

Schools and universities

Retail stores

Hotels and hospitality

Banks and financial institutions

Apartment Complexes, Hotels and Condos

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