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Security Camera Installation for Businesses


JSB Surveillance provides professional security camera installation services to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa businesses.  We also offer do-it-yourself packages that come with free remote support.

When looking into a security system for your business, something to consider is the installation.  You may be able to install a system yourself, but in many cases professional expertise is helpful – especially when upgrading or adding components that were not a part of a previous system.  JSB Surveillance will provide you with the expertise needed to make sure the system is correctly installed.

JSB provides services to help customers determine the best  installation options.  Do you need security cameras both inside and outside your business?  Is it best to keep your security cameras concealed or visible?  Is it better to have a pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera in a specific location so the camera can cover more ground in surveilling the property, or are standard surveillance cameras more appropriate?  Do you require audio?

JSB Surveillance will work with you to find the right installation solutions for your business.


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