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All DVRs and NVRs include built-in cell phone and Computer monitoring

  • HD DVRs

    HD DVRs

    Our HD DVRs supports up to 32 cameras and record in (1080p) true HD. Use existing coax cable and simply replace your old analog cameras with our HD models!

  • NVRs


    Our Network Video Recorders support 8 to 128 cameras which make them an excellent solution for both small and large projects.

DVR/NVR Surveillance Systems for Business

More businesses are turning to DVR/NVR systems for their camera security needs.  New technology has made security systems more efficient, more powerful and even more affordable for businesses of all sizes.  There are a wide range of recording system options.

One  thing to consider is the size of your business.  A corner store may not require the same amount of security as a large department store.  Therefore it’s important to review how much property needs to be covered and thus how many cameras will be required.  You should also consider the types of security concerns you need protection from such as burglary, vandalism, employee theft, etc.

When researching a security camera system, you should look at the kinds of cameras available.  Vandal-proof infrared domes may be ideal for some businesses not only because they are difficult to tamper with but also because they are small and relatively inconspicuous.  PTZ cameras have pan, tilt and zoom capabilities that allow you to cover more ground with just a few cameras.

If you’re in the market for outdoor cameras, you should make sure the cameras are outdoor rated.  Factors such as wind, precipitation and other debris can damage cameras as well as obscure the view.  In addition to the camera’s durability, consider other features such as the field of view and the camera resolution.  These features have a huge impact on how far the camera can capture an image clearly.

Some DVR/NVR surveillance systems include audio capabilities.  These systems capture sound as well as video.   Would these feature be useful to your business?

All of our systems allow you to view your camera system on-site and remotely over the Internet.   They employ technology to connect with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices so that you can see live and recorded video of your property from any location in the world.  An Internet connection is required.

It is important to make sure the surveillance system is installed properly.  There are many systems you can install yourself, even if you have no prior experience with installing security systems or cameras.  Also consider professional installation for a turn-key experience.

These are a few of the things you should consider when you are looking into a DVR/NVR surveillance system.

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