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  • Security For Businesses – Knowing What To Invest Into

    By Jon Benowitz on January 30, 2014
    There are many different types of security camera systems for businesses.  Researching which type of system is best for your business is the first important step.  Many factors play a role in the decision making process.  Some of these may include the type of business, the amount of time and effort required to install the equipment, and the amount of […]
  • Most Avoidable Surveillance Mistakes For Retailers

    By Jon Benowitz on January 25, 2014
    There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at setting up your surveillance and video cameras to provide security to your place of business.  Security cameras are some of the most important tools in the protection of a business, and it is as critical that you follow good practices when arranging them, as […]
  • Reasons to Consider Making the Jump to HD Camera Surveillance

    By Jon Benowitz on January 7, 2014
    As a business owner, you have a lot at stake that needs to be protected.  There are multiple things that need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that you are doing everything within your power to properly protect your premises.  One thing that should be considered for all business owners, particularly those that have large places of […]

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